Appliance Recycling for Con Edison Customers

  • Save up to $100 per year on energy costs
  • Skip the hassle of removing old appliances yourself
  • Reduce waste
  • $50 rebate for each qualifying freezer and refrigerator
  • $25 rebate for each qualifying room air-conditioner (when picked up with a freezer or refrigerator).

To schedule your pick-up over the phone call 1-800-430-9505 Today!

Eligibility & Requirements

Con Edison residential electric customers living in one-to-four dwelling units are eligible. Freezers and refrigerators must be in working condition; powering on and cooling. There is a limit of two of each kind of appliance per customer address — up to two freezers, two primary refrigerators, and two secondary refrigerators for rebates. At the time of your pick up, we will also collect and recycle up to two old, window or wall air-conditioners. Air-conditioners are eligible for a $25 recycling incentive each. Con Edison reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer.

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